When you have a subscriber created or you wish to add a purchase to an existing subscriber, you will need to do this via the purchase option under the subscriber's account. This is located under the subscriber's details as shown below. 

Upon clicking on you you will get a popup which will show the following information. It's on this interface that you will need to assign the product type and the subscription product type. For this example below, we have selected Murray Pioneer as the product, and 4 weeks for the subscription product type, with email selected as the receipt option. 

NOTE: If you have continuous subscription types, make sure to check with the subscriber before assigning it to them as continuous subscriptions are designed for taking automatic payments from the subscribers credit card account and must be an option that has been approved and accepted by the subscriber themselves.

After assigning the product and subscription type, please click on add to basket, which will bring up additional information below. You will need to ensure the payment details are correctly selected, for referral group, referral type, and channel, as well as payment method. For this example because we are adding this one ourselves, referral group is murray pioneer, referral type is website, channel is website, and payment method is set to agents. After you have done this, just hit submit payment.

NOTE: Referral type should always be set to website unless you are manually renewing a subscription for customer. Channel must also always be set to website. Payment method can be set to the customer's card if they have it on file, or which it will automatically take the payment once the submit payment button is pressed. However if you are adding them as a complimentary subscription or just adding additional subscriptions that they have paid for by other means, then it's best to set the payment method to agents.

You will get the following purchase receipt for the payment, which can be sent as a screenshot to the customer or can be sent to them via email. 

After closing the popup, you can hit the save button and the subscription will show up as being applied to the account. Which includes the range for which the subscriber can access publications for the length of their subscription.