Log into your Partica contributor account using your preferred social media account. Please always use the same social sign in each time you login to your account.


On the left hand side of the screen, select the Add Article menu item:

Enter information into all of the specified article fields:

Please note that if you do not set a sale price (in AUD) then the price will be determined by the Partica review team. 

The text you submit for the abstract will appear 

Paste the text for your article into the "Body" tab as plain text or HTML:

To upload images for your article, go to the "Images" tab. Before uploading images, you will need to ensure you have saved the article.

Select the publication and issue you wish to upload your article to. Publications and issues are a way for you to categorise and organise your collection of articles.

You will now be able to drag and drop your image file into the upload area. Add an image caption and contributor if required.

Once you have entered all text and images for your article, click save:

All saved articles will appear in your Article Library.

To submit your article for sale in the Partica Content Marketplace, click the approve for sale button:

This will place your article into a queue where your article will pass pass through a final proofing process performed by the Partica review team. We will ensure that all fields are set correctly, and that there are no formatting issues with the article. Once the article passed the proofing process the article will be made available for sale in the marketplace. The proofing process is generally completed within 3 business days.