1. Login to the Partica dashboard: https://dashboard.partica.online/

2. Select your title:

3. Select the issue within the title that you want to add or edit hyperlinks for:

4. Click on the WORDSMART tab, this will bring up the page where you can add and edit links in your issue.


Partica will automatically identify and activate the following types of links in the flipbook when it is converted from PDF:

- Any links that are embedded in the PDF before it is uploaded.

- Any identifiable email or web addresses that are active. 

- Internal page jumps identified by text that follows the format "Page 1", "Page 2", etc.

For the last two options, the text in the PDF must remain selectable otherwise the Partica system can not identify the link.


The Wordsmart page will display a list of all links that were identified in the PDF but unable to be linked (eg, the link may not be active online, there may be DNS issues, etc). If a link has errored it WILL NOT be active in the flipbook.

You can proof these links and ensure that any link that errored is corrected in the issue. To do this, simply click on the EDIT icon beside the link that you wish to modify and the edit screen will launch.

In the edit screen, you can do the following:

Reposition the hyperlink hotspot on the page:

Update the link address:

Change the link type:

Once you have made your changes, click SAVE. The edit screen will close and you will need to PUBLISH YOUR CHANGES to have them reflect online.

NOTE: By default, the link management page will only list the links that have errored. If you want to modify a link that is active (did not error) then you can find a list of ALL LINKS by clicking on the FILTER menu and expanding the results to show the active links:


To add a link that was not automatically picked up during processing, click the ADD WORDSMART button:

Select the page within the issue that you want to add a link to using the navigation buttons:

Drag the yellow overlay to move it to the position on the page where you want the hyperlink hotspot to be active. Drag the bottom right corner of the overlay to resize it:

Enter the link address and set the type of link (web link, email, or internal page jump) and then click SAVE:

Click PUBLISH to update the changes online:


If you want to add a link that takes readers to another page within the same issue, then make sure you set the link type to "PAGE" and add the page number that the hotspot will need to jump to. Ensure you are entering a page number that exists in the issue (eg. don't enter page 20, if the issue only has 14 pages in it) otherwise it will not work.


If you want to add a link that will dial a phone number when clicked on mobile, you will need to ensure you have entered the link in this format:

Set the link type as WEB.


If you want to add a youtube video button that will pop up a video player in the flipbook, then you will need to grab the youtube video ID number from the video you want to embed as shown below.

This ID number would then get placed in the correct field when the youtube interactivity option is selected. The video play button can also be disabled if you wish to use your own play button designed into the pdf.