Copy articles from one issue to another

1. Log into your Partica account. 

2. Select the Title, and then the issue under that Title that you wish to copy the articles from.

3. Ensure you have  selected the Issue Summary option from the toolbar, and click COPY ARTICLES:

4. Click SELECT TARGET ISSUE. You will then be redirected back to the list of issues within that Title. Find the issue you wish to add the articles to and then click COPY ARTICLES TO THIS ISSUE and confirm.

5. When the articles have finished copying over to the new issue you will receive a notification pop-up. Once this happens you can click on the issue and select the Manage Articles option from the toolbar:


If this issue has existing articles then the copied articles will be organised into the sections along with the existing articles. You can now select any articles you wish to delete, or move the articles around into new sections by switching on the Sort Mode:

Make sure to save any changes you make once you are done.