Issues are organised in the viewer and in the dashboard chronologically by publish date. 

The publish date is automatically set to the date that you create the issue.

To reorder an issue, you will need to modify the publish date on the issue in your Partica account. 

1. Sign in to the Partica publishing portal. You will be taken to your account page.

2. Select the title that contains the issues you wish to reorder from your title list:

3. You will be taken to the title page, where you will find a list of all issues in that title.

Identify the issue you wish to reorder and click the side menu button to bring up editing options.

4. Select the Update Issue Details option:

5. Select the Issue Date field to modify it. Select the publish date you wish to change it to. This date in relation to the publish date of the other issues is what will determine the issue's order.

7. Click Save to update your changes. Refresh your dashboard page to view the updated issue order.