The Partica publishing platform does not currently support replacing pages within an issue that has already been uploaded to the dashboard.

If you need to make page replacements, you will need to upload the modified PDF for the issue as a new issue.

To do this, simply login to the Partica dashboard. You will be taken directly to your account page.

1. Select the title that contains that issue you wish to modify:

2. Drag and drop your new PDF file into the upload area to create and upload the replacement issue. Allow the issue to upload and convert. The process will usually take 10-20 minutes.

3. Once the issue has converted, you will be able to make the issue live. The issue it replaces should be deleted.

IMPORTANT: If your old issue has articles associated with it, you will need to ensure you copy over the articles to the replacement issue before you delete it. When an issue is deleted all articles that have been extracted from it will be deleted too.