This outlines what services need to be setup for registration / subscription urls.

Create Auth0 client app for use with lock..

  1. Create an Auth0 account here:

[If they don’t want to set the client up, they can invite Realview to access their Auth0 account through the email address]

  1. Create a new client:

Name your app eg My Magazine App and Select Single Page Web App and create:

3. When your app is created you should see its unique details in Settings.

4. Add your Partica URL with /login to the allowed callbacks:

Save your settings.

Update Partica dashboard with Auth0 client app details.

Login to partica dashboard and select Url Security for the url.

Update your URL in Partica dashboard with the client app details from Auth0. 

See step 3 above, and click to ensure values are correct.

Auth Domain:

The Auth domain is the account name domain you created at the start, eg:

Client ID:

Your Auth0 Client ID,


Enter your client secret

Create Client API app.

The API Client allows our servers to communicate with Auth0.

Here we will setup the client that we will use to communicate.

We will limit what the API can do using scopes.

  1. Login to the customers Auth0 account.

  2. Select New Client from the dashboard.

  3. Fill in the form selecting a name and Non Interactive Clients.

  1. Select APIs from the menu.

  2. Select Edit.

  1. Select Non interactive Client from the menu.

  2. Change the Client you just created (check using ClientID) from Unauthorized to Authorized.

  1. Add the following scopes.

  1. Hit Update.

  2. Select Clients and hit Settings for your NON INTERACTIVE Client API app.

  1. Add the ClientID and Client Secret of the API client app to Partica and hit Submit.


Remember to use the copy to clipboard button to ensure the values are correct. 

  1. Then hit Test Stored Config. There should be no errors.

Install Webhook Extension in Auth0.

Click on Extensions

Select Auth0 Authentication API webhooks:

Configure your extension:

Set the WebHook URL to:

Save your extension.