Extracting articles is easy, and only takes a few minutes per article.

NOTE:  Before you begin extracting a new title, you will need to ensure you have set up the sections that you will be categorising articles into. Find out more >> 

(If you have not uploaded a PDF to your Partica account yet, you can learn how to do so here >> )

To extract the articles from your PDF, login to the Partica dashboard and select the title and then the issue you wish to extract. Click on the cover images to select.

             1.     Select the title, eg. Inside Film:

         2.     Then select the issue, eg. IF 164 May 2015:


This will take you to the article extraction tool.

For an overview of the features and layout of the article extraction tool, click here >>

You will be extracting content by clicking on the elements highlighted in the page previewer.

The elements you pull out will be tagged and organised into the article using the article editor.

In the article editor there are different text fields for Title, Subheading, and Contributor. Place the cursor in each of those fields before double clicking to extract text from the PDF into them. 

A shortcut command for adding a headline is to SHIFT + double click the text overlay. This way you do not need to ensure your cursor is in the Title field first.

The flipbook page number associated with the article will be prefilled for you. 

Changing this page number will update where readers are taken to when they click this button at the end of the article:

The article must be assigned to a section (eg. News, Fashion, Travel, Regulars, etc). The sections are specified by you and must be set up on the title level before you begin extracting your PDF. You only need to set the sections up once per title, and these sections will carry across all issues in your title. Find out more >> 

Once you have filled out the basic information for the article, you can switch to the TEXT tab. 

This is where you will be extracting the body of your article.

Follow the same process of double clicking on each blue-highlighted text block to add it into the article body.

You will notice that most article styles (text colour, size, bold, italic, underline, highlight) will be preserved. You can apply further styling to the articles using the HTML editor tools.

To add an image from your PDF into the article, simply double click on the image in the page previewer. (NOTE: if an image is not highlighted green then it has been flattened in your PDF and can not be extracted. Learn more >>

When you double-click an image it will add it into the IMAGE tab. 

Use the keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + double-click on an image to add the image directly into the article. 

If there is only one image in the article, it will be placed as the featured image. The featured image has a fixed position in the article, at the top right below the headline, and will also display in the article preview on the home and section pages, eg:

If you want to add more than one image to your article, it will need to be added to the body of the article.

To do this, simply click the Add To Article arrow below the image:

To add an image to your article that does not come from the PDF, you can drag and drop your image file here:

To change which image appears as the featured image, simply check the box beside the image:

Once you have finished extracting your article, click SAVE:

To add your next article, click ADD ARTICLE:

Once you have finished extracting your articles, exit out of the Article extraction tool:

This will return you to the Issue Summary page.

Click UPDATE ARTICLES to update your online edition with the extracted articles.