As soon as you login to the Partica dashboard you will be taken to your accounts page where your websites and titles will be listed. 


A website refers to any root URL that you host digital editions under. You can host multiple titles under one website.

In the below example there is only one title under each website:

Website-level settings include URL configuration and security. If you modify these settings, then all of the titles hosted under it will be subject to these changes (eg. changing a website's URL from open to secure will make all titles under the website secure). 


A title houses a collection of issues all available within a single 'viewer'. A title may be The Official Sydney Guide, and it can contain the issues Summer 2016, Summer 2017, etc. A title may also only contain just one issue if it is not the kind of content that updates.

In the Partica dashboard, you can select a title to bring up the list of all issues it contains.

Title level settings include things like branding, section setup, custom styling changes, and tracking codes. Each issue in a title will be subject to these title-level settings.

When you make your title live online, readers will be able to navigate between all of its issues via the Browse Issues panel. There is no direct link for readers between issues that are grouped into separate titles.

Click on 


An issue is a single version or edition of your title. A title may have just one issue or multiple.

In the Partica dashboard, you can select an issue to bring up the issue-level settings or to access all of the articles that have been extracted from the issue.


The Partica platform provides you with the opportunity to have all of the text, images, and ads in your issue extracted and reformatted into reflowable HTML articles. This process can be either managed entirely by the Partica production team or you can complete this task yourself using the dashboard tools.

On the Issue level in the dashboard, you will be able complete tasks such as: extracting articles from your PDF, editing or reorganising articles within an issue, copying articles from one issue to another, and publishing your articles live online.

If you have elected to have the Partica production team complete article extraction for your issue then you will also be able to monitor the progress on this and view any feedback left by the production team.