Each article in your issue will be organised categorically into sections for easy site navigation. These sections can be quickly reached via the slide out drawer menu in the article viewer:

When you create a new title, the sections will be set up by the Partica production team. The sections will be created with reference to the contents page of the uploaded PDF. However, if you would prefer to set up the sections yourself you can do this quite easily through the Partica dashboard. Modifying the section titles or even adding new sections can be done at any point, even if your publication has already been published.

1. To set up or modify sections, first log into your Partica account. 

2. Select the Title you wish to add/modify sections for from the list on your dashboard.

3. Select the Section Manager option on the toolbar.

4. Click the + icon to add your first section. Enter the section title, then click the paint palette to pick a colour for that section. Add all of your sections and then click SAVE CHANGES

The sections will appear in the order that they are created. To reorder any of the sections hover your mouse over the grey area of the section tab until your cursor changes to this:

Drag and drop the section to reorder it, then save your changes.

5. Return to the Title Summary option on the toolbar and click PUBLISH to push the changes live in your article viewer.


You can return to the Sections Manager to modify the sections at any point.