Partica uses tags to indicate where different types of interactivity should appear in articles. It is not recommended to drop in iFrame code or direct links to interactivity as there is no way then to control how it might look on desktop, tablet or mobile.

This tag allows you to add a "get Directions" link to your article.

<rv-map  maptype="maptype" origin ="originString" destination="destinationString">LINK TEXT HERE</rv-map> 

Renders a link to a google directions map. 


Currently unused. In a future build this will allow you to embed a map vs supply a link.


Specify the start point. Defaults to “Your Location”, which instructs google to draw the start point from the user’s current location.


End point. required.


<rv-map destination="Sydney Opera House">Click here to get directions</rv-map>

Creates a link that when clicked will show a google map from the users current location to the Sydney Opera House.