Partica uses tags to indicate where different types of interactivity should appear in articles. It is not recommended to drop in iFrame code or direct links to images as there is no way then to control how a video might look on desktop, tablet or mobile.


To include extra images in your article, use the following tag:

<article-image type="background" size="300|600|900|1200" src="[url]" src-index=[arrayIndex] classes="[classes]" align="left | right | center"></article-image>


This is a complex directive with various options.  All attributes are optional.


return the first image in the article images array

<article-image src-index="n">

return the nth image in the article images array (starting from 0)

<article-image size="300">

return the 300 pixel sized image

<article-image src="url">

load an image from any url source.  Note that the size attribute will here.

<article-image type="background">

return the image as a background image rather than a img element

<article-image classes="classes">

apply these classes to the element.  Note that the attribute is called classes, not class, as that would cause the html renderer to apply the class to the directive element itself.

“img-responsive” class will return the image that will stretch across the width of the article

<article-image align="left|right|center">

horizontally aligns the image (defaults to left if not specified)

Example: Found on the following


Mobile link:

Article name Part 6 Mining opals

<article-image src-index="1" size="600" align="center"></article-image>