Zooming seadragon maps are one of our most innovative interactivity elements we can add into partica, it allows a client to have a full size map which readers can zoom in on, without having to sacrifice quality.

When it Comes to adding these maps in, you will be provided the name of the name to use for a particular publication, in which you will need to add the name to the following code.

<rv-seadragon map="mapName" height="600"></rv-seadragon>

The name of the map, in this case "York", will need to be added where it says mapName on the sample code.

Example: <rv-seadragon map="York" height="600"></rv-seadragon>

The Code then needs to be added to the body text of the article of choice, as shown below.

Once this is done, you just update the article, republish the issue and you get the following result below.