The default branding on your Flipbook is the Realview logo and colour. You can update this to display your own corporate branding.

1. On your Partica dashboard, select the Flipbook Settings tab in the Settings drop down menu.

2. Scroll down to Toolbar Options and enter the URL for the logo image that you wish to upload to the viewer. 

The logo must be hosted online and it must be either a png or jpg file.

Enter the URL for the site that you would like readers to be taken to if the logo is clicked.

3. To update the toolbar or viewer background colour, scroll down to Style Options.

Colour codes must be entered in HEX.

Background Colour (1)

Toolbar Colour (2)

Toolbar Button Colour (3)

Toolbar Button Hover Colour (4)

4. Once you have finished editing your Flipbook, click Save and Publish. Clicking Save will save your changes, but they will remain unlive until you Publish them.