In this example, we'll be showing you how to filter your GA page views to show Realview reporting.

1.  log into GA and select the appropriate account and profile
2.  In the left nav, select "Site Content" then "All Pages"
3.  Under the graph, click "advanced"

4. In the textbox, type your filter in the format "/Realview/Issue Name/ReportingType"

Replace Issue Name with the name of your issue.

Replace ReportingType with one of the values listed below.

Some Report types also require properties from the Interactivity item, such as Logging Identifier and Video Id.

Report Type Value Examples
Page views pageview/ all pages:  /Realview/June 2013/pageview/
page 10: /Realview/June 2013/pageview/10
Zoom clicks zoomclick/ all zooms:  /Realview/June 2013/zoomclick/
zooms on page 10: /Realview/June 2013/zoomclick/10
Hyperlink clicks hyperlinkclick/ all pages:  /Realview/June 2013/hyperlinkclick/
clicks page 10: /Realview/June 2013/hyperlinkclick/10
Print button clicks buttonclick/print/ /Realview/June 2013/buttonclick/print/
Archive button clicks buttonclick/archive/ /Realview/June 2013/archive/print/
Help button clicks buttonclick/help/ /Realview/June 2013/archive/help/
Email a friend buttonclick/email/ /Realview/June 2013/buttonclick/email/
Searches buttonclick/search/ /Realview/June 2013/buttonclick/search/
PDF downloads buttonclick/pdf_download/ /Realview/June 2013/buttonclick/pdf_download/
Callouts callout/Logging Identifier/ /Realview/June 2013/callout/New Tablets/
Image Gallery image_gallery/Logging Identifier/ /Realview/June 2013/image_gallery/My Holiday Pictures/
Wordpress popups wordpress_launch/Date the Wordpress post was published/ /Realview/June 2013/wordpress_launch/20130615/
Social sharing social/ /Realview/June 2013/social/facebook/
/Realview/June 2013/social/twitter/
Realview video video/realview/Logging Identifier/ /Realview/June 2013/video/realview/Demo One/
Youtube video video/youtube/Video Id/
/Realview/June 2013/video/youtube/TYWQERJH/

5. Click "apply"