For the best quality result for your Flipbook and Article edition, please ensure the following:

All text remains selectable in the PDF. Text that is flattened into an image can not be extracted from the PDF for your article version and will not be converted into high res vector based text for your flipbook. This text will also not contribute to your search engine discoverability.

✓ Images in your PDF remain whole and intact. For the best result include high-resolution images in your PDF.

✓ Combined file size of PDF file is under 1 GB.

✓ Ensure that the PDF file is saved in Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) or later versions to overcome image slicing and transparency issues.

✓ If your publication contains non-Roman fonts then it must contain valid Unicode mapping. If the font does not have Unicode encoding then the text may not render correctly on all browsers and platforms:

✓ The PDF pages should be cropped and trimmed correctly. We can accept PDFs that are pre-cropped or have the crop margins set in the PDF:


✓ Ensure any web links or email addresses are embedded in your PDF so that they can be hyperlinked in your Flipbook.